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Shots: StubHub's New Campaign Is For The Fans

StubHub’s latest campaign, developed in-house through a partnership with Portland based out-sourced in-house marketing agency Undnyable, built out their internal creative department, and then utilized that team to create their 2020 fully integrated brand campaign from start to finish.

Called Be There, the campaign kicked off by celebrating the month of October, aka the busiest season in sports, with the “#Sportober Challenge” inspiring and rewarding fans for getting out and seeing as many live sporting events as possible. The team tapped YouTube all-star team Dude Perfect to create a StubHub Sportober trick shot video and drive fans to (and through) the challenge, garnering over 9 million views in the first two days.

The next phase of the campaign consists of overs 20, unique :06-:15 second pre-roll videos, being released from now through the first quarter of 2020. 

“StubHub has an impressive number of ‘reasons to believe’, so we asked ourselves, how can we tell all of those stories in the most compelling, entertaining and effective way possible?,” said Justin Hooper, Chief Creative Officer of Undnyable, “We landed on using the short format of pre-roll to quickly hammer home each idea, which had the benefit of continued optimization through time as we learned which assets performed best among fans.”

From vampires showing up early to a game at 4am, to a couple lost in an endless parking lot, the campaign is designed to tap into the most relevant and visually telegraphic moments fans might experience, and demonstrate how StubHub is always there to help.

The 20 short form films were shot across four days by Ireland-based directing team 

D.A.D.D.Y. and production company 1stAveMachine. To accomplish these many pieces efficiently, D.A.D.D.Y set some basic rules for how the camera moved, which became a unifying language for the campaign.

"It also helped that everyone was so nice and collaborative, which allowed us to have fun while working more efficiently," D.A.D.D.Y explains.


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