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Muse by CLIO: Olympia Provisions Grinds Out Slap-Happy Meat Commercials.

Declaring war on 'sh***y salami'

by David Gianatasio

Olympia Provisions slices the absurdity extra thick as the brand declares war on "sh***y salami."

In the :30 below, Elias Cairo, founder of the meat distributor and eatery, hovers behind a table strewn with ham, sausage, bacon and salami—presumably of the non-sh***y variety. Nothing odd there—until he starts wielding a plastic arm to viciously slap inferior meat products from mannequins' hands:

Production house/ad shop Undnyable achieves a meaty level of silliness and innuendo, with more dummies and a pugnaciously profane Swiss farmer spicing up additional commercials:

Most ads include links, but this is ridiculous!

"Olympia takes their charcuterie craft very seriously, but never themselves," explains Steve Williams, Undnyable ECD. "Eli is a super relatable guy who just happens to be one of the best in the world at curing meats. He also throws a mean salami when called upon to do so."

The work breaks this week across streaming, digital and social platforms.

And since you asked, other notable mannequin-based marketing—a creep ad category all its own—includes efforts from Miller Lite, Geico and—get this—the mayor's office of Vilnius, Lithuania.


Client: Olympia Provisions Co-Founder & Head Chef: Elias Cairo Co-Founder & CEO: Michelle Cairo Head of Brand Marketing: Mallory Pilcher

Agency: Undnyable Chief Creative Officer: Justin Hooper Executive Creative Director: Steve Williams Executive Producer: Melissa Hooper

Production Company: Undnyable Director: Justin Hooper Location Services: Jesse Marvin Food Styling: Mallory Pilcher


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