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Cytick: Inspiring Women: Don't Tell Me To Smile More

Over the course of a female’s life she will be told to “smile”. When you break down the facts, more than 15% of women say this simple mention occurs weekly.

So, why does this happen? Why does anyone (whether a male or female) have the right to tell another person to smile more?!

Enter in byte, the company that was co-founded by celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Jon Marashi (who works with Ryan Seacrest, Cher, Justin Timberlake, Tom Hanks, etc.) which has been making its mark in the teledentistry industry by providing invisible aligners to people that are six times faster than braces to help everyone get that perfect smile.

Through byte, people have been not only finding their self-confidence back, but are using that confidence to stand up to this issue at hand. byte is all about giving people a smile they want to show off, but they are fully against women being told to simply just “smile more”. And so they started the “Don’t Tell Me To Smile More” campaign which centers around the all-to-familiar cultural misstep of women being asked or told to smile more (whether at work, walking down the street, etc.).

Since its launch earlier this year, the response has been overwhelming with women across the United States showing relief and gratitude that FINALLY someone is speaking up. They are inspired and feel supported by a mainstream voice finally bringing to light something that has been swept under the rug for far too long. Through social media, women are sharing and commenting with their own unfortunate experiences – from being told at work to smile more, at a bar or even at the gas station, women are now finding their voice to stand up for themselves. 

If you are reading this and feel the same, follow along and join the conversation at #donttellmetosmilemore or head over to to learn more.


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