Creative Experiments


Like everyone, we can get bored, or rather, inspired in areas that aren't exactly designed to make money, so throughout the year we'll experiment with different ideas and see how they play out. Sometime's they turn out awesome, other times, slightly less than awesome.  

The first such experiment started off as a seemingly easy to execute idea of creating a Darth Vader helmet encased in Swarovski Crystals for a Halloween outfit for my son. It turned into a month long tedious adventure comprising over 15,000 hand-applied crystals and way, way, way too many hours applying them. The Halloween costume was a hit, but we had to find a way to repurpose the mask to make up for all the labor we put into it. 

Diamond Darth Vader was born.


Traversing the galaxy, err YouTube, to re-create popular genre videos (cooking, painting, unboxing, video gaming, etc.) with mixed success. 

Next, to keep the Star Wars theme going, and our love of hardwoods (wenge, zebrawood, teak, etc), we created and sold a series of silhouetted drip paintings and created a quick video to showcase the process & final product.  


In the summer of 2018, we kicked off a random side venture dubbed Guess My Jam, filming amateur and professional dancers in Portland, Los Angeles and Las Vegas dancing to their favorite songs, but then swapping out the music for fans to try and guess the original track using clues hidden in the video itself, and across the Guess My Jam social feeds. With over 500k views on the channel, the first season was a hit, but we've been too busy to kick off a second round.



So this whole COVID19 Lockdown has been challenging at best, so in addition to helping out local Oregon based businesses in need, we also wanted to thank our community, and have fun doing it. The first part was a mega chalk drawing for the kids, the second is a series of live streamed Lockdown Libation cocktail recipes for the adults. 



Cut to August 2020, with a lot of extra time on our hands, we had just finished updating our agency site. Which outside of our immediate family, we knew literally no one would care about. To be fair, I’m not sure our immediate family members were that quick to check out the new site either. But we thought this was the perfect time to try tapping some of those mind boggling inexpensive Fiverr ad creators we had heard so much about to see what they could do to help us promote it. 

With a budget of $150, and total creative free reign, we managed to find the one creator on Fiverr who could turn our not-so-exciting website update news, into huge, groundbreaking, earth-shattering, bigger than a global pandemic news.


After a few false starts and a bad apple, we found one Fiverr creator who delivered pure gold. 

It's an ad agency hiring an ad creator to help them advertise their advertising site. 


Full on advertising inception.