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Truth // Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson

DISRUPTING CULTURE // MTV Video Music Awards Takeover

Truth takes on, and over, the MTV VMA's.


Hoping to make the largest and most profound impact on teens’ KAB (knowledge, attitudes and beliefs) we worked with Truth to develop a series of campaigns that connect directly to the culture of our audience in the most integrated, yet disruptive way.

The MTV Video Music Awards features showcases celebrities in all of their glory, but some of those celebs have unknowingly re-normalized the behavior of smoking to teens merely by being seen in public smoking cigarettes. Premiering on the MTV Music Video Awards, this campaign drove the point home in a big, impactful way. Followed up during the next commercial break with a second film to hammer home the point.  

Truth // Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson

Truth // Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson Response

Truth // Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson Press

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