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1-800-NoCuffs //

The De-Alcohol-Orizer


1-800-NoCuffs had been doing direct response TV, Radio and Print marketing since its inception with much success, but the founder, Darren Kavinoky (a TV personality on his own) was looking for a new way to connect with their audience that would be more engaging, socially sticky, and fun that the work they had done in the past. 

We partnered with him to create an entirely new product, the De-Alcohol-Orizer™ — which uses space age technology to completely neutralize any Alcohol or other drugs in your system, instantly! Sound too good to be true? 


And to further cement the legitimacy of the product, Marc Schechter, the influencer behind @pizzaman_420, conducted his own test and review to his followers posing the question, “Does the De-Alcohol-Orizer actually work?”

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