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StubHub // Be There


Partnering with StubHub over the course of four months, we helped to build out and guide their internal creative department to create their 2020 brand campaign which resulted in a 400% ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend.)


The campaign consists of over fifteen :06 un-skippable pre-roll videos, along with other short form paid and earned social videos to hit on StubHub’s “Reasons to Believe” in memorable, relevant and, above all, entertaining ways to show off how StubHub always has your back. We leaned into the short format of pre-roll to quickly hammer home each idea, and allow for optimization through time as we learned which assets performed best among fans.

StubHub - Fanpires - 16x9 - :10

StubHub - Piggyback - 16x9 - :15

StubHub - Saturday - 16x9 - :15

StubHub - Breakup - 16x9 - :10

StubHub - Crowd Work - 16x9 - :15

StubHub - Bad Influence - 16x9 - :15

StubHub - Holiday Singalong - 16x9 - :15

StubHub - Vase - 16x9 - :15

StubHub - Sunday - 16x9 - :10

Next, to celebrate the month of October, aka the busiest season in sports, we created the “#Sportober Challenge” to inspire and reward fans for getting out and seeing as many live sporting events as possible. We partnered with YouTube all-star team Dude Perfect to create a StubHub Sportober trick shot video and drive fans to and through the challenge. With over 1 million views in the first 24 hours, and now over 22 million views to date, it was our most successful October yet.

Sportober Site Week 3.png

To connect further in display ads and inspire our audience to get out and experience a live event, we created a series of 40 different Short Slow Motion, dubbed ShoMo, moments in time, paired with headlines to demonstrate all the great moments you can experience live through StubHub.