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The Real Cost of Black Friday


Ever wonder what you're actually paying for all of those Black Friday deals everyone's busy fighting for? A retailer's yearly sales numbers often depend on incentivizing buyers with huge savings during Black Friday, but what's the real cost of those items when you put them on a credit card?

We partnered with SoFi's internal marketing team to help change the conversation around all the deals during Black Friday and shift the focus to showcase the real cost of making purchases on a credit card, by devising and running a Black Friday Circular hidden amongst all the other print and digital ads during Thanksgiving week. We followed the piece with TV and Digital to help shine a light, in an irreverent way, on the real costs to consumers and encourage them to consolidate those higher interest cards into one very low rate personal loan through SoFi, paying far less over time.

SoFi - The Real Cost

SoFi // The Real Cost // Valet :06

SoFi // The Real Cost // Dress :06

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