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Figure // Meet Blockchain


Figure came to us to help create their first consumer brand campaign. Their brand is transforming the lending experience for consumers by building innovative products that offer unprecedented speed and ease, powered by blockchain technology.

But, blockchain technology is, well, scary. That is if you don’t understand what it can do for you, and you don’t mistake it for something like Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. Figure uses blockchain technology to take loans from application to funding in days, not the weeks-long process offered traditionally, so we decided to use the lack of knowledge surrounding blockchain technology as an opportunity, not a hindrance.


So who better to explain Blockchain, than Blocky–a straight-talking, irreverent puppet.

Through two :30 Broadcast and Connected TV Spots along with a longer format “Meet Blockchain” video, we brought Blockchain, and Blocky, to the masses.

Figure // Ramen

Figure // Waiting

Figure // Meet Blockchain

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