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Farmer John //
The Official Hot Dog of Los Angeles


We set out to make the bacon-wrapped hot dog the official hot dog of Los Angeles. And at the same time, promote two of Farmer John’s signature products: hot dogs and bacon.


The campaign span TV, Radio, SMS, Social, lawn signs, bumper stickers and ran from Labor Day to Election Day, when we received enough votes to make it official, with a proclamation from the City. 

Not only did we make hot dog history, we retained Farmer John’s #1 position in the market and increased sales by an unprecedented 53%. We also ate a ton of bacon wrapped hot dogs.

Hot Dog Party - Farmer John - :30
Important - Farmer John - :30
Apocalypse - Farmer John - :30
Commies - Farmer John - :30
Mission Accomplished - Farmer John - :30
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