COVID has changed our business.

In fact, it's changed all business.


Customers aren't strolling local retail locations discovering new products, home grown businesses can't easily set up shop in their farmer's market to explain and showcase their products, and in-person meetings with wholesale buyers have vanished. 

Which presents an opportunity; to find new methods to tell your Business's story and reach the same, and new, people. 

We've adapted our offerings to provide a low cost solution to telling your Brand's story, consistently and effectively.  

Below are a few such examples, at different budget levels, to give you an idea of how we can work together. //

Toothbrushes That Don't Last

UNDER $5,000

Prior to COVID, had been ramping up their consumer retail outlet channel in local area Portland markets, banking on those sales to drive business in 2020. And while they had an existing on-line store presence, it wasn't as streamlined or as tailored to consumer behaviors as it could have been. 


Undnyable worked with them to concept, create and produce their first Brand launch campaign, in the form of three :30 Digital Video ads to be run on Facebook, Instagram and other paid digital media channels. We also developed a digital still asset campaign to help differentiate from their competitor set on-line. Then we took a close look at their existing consumer facing website to provide suggestions on how to improve the experience and drive sales at a lower margin.

Here's the campaign:

Each year, over 850 million plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills, where they sit for centuries. In fact, every single plastic toothbrush that has ever been made, still exists somewhere. But you know what doesn’t stick around…a bamboo toothbrush.

So who better to tell the story of their short, bio-friendly, lifespan than Goodwell Co.’s Bamboo Toothbrushes themselves.

Inspired Leaf Tea //

Brand Story

UNDER $10,000

Based in Bend, Oregon, Inspired Leaf Tea is a small family run business that was hit hard by COVID-19. More than 70% of their business was driven through face to face interactions, sharing their brand story in person to restaurant owners, food and beverage program managers and general consumers at local events like farmer's markets. They were in need of a new way to get their brand story in the hearts and minds of their consumers. 

Using a very small crew, we concepted and shot this piece, breaking it into chapters, for use in email, social and paid digital. As part of the shoot, we pulled imagery to build a library of social assets they could have at the ready.

Byte // Don't Tell Me To Smile More

UNDER $50,000

Byte is a Health & Beauty brand based in Los Angeles, looking to transform the cosmetic dentistry category through their at-home invisible aligner system. But, faced with other larger competitors already entrenched in the same marketplace with exponentially larger budgets, Byte needed a way to differentiate themselves that went beyond their product offerings.

We examined the category and found that it was a virtual sea of sameness; hundreds of images of mostly women, smiling as widely and as disingenuously as possible into the camera, selling their smiles, not owning them.

We partnered with Byte to craft their strategic North Star, combining their hyper-personalized product offering with a belief system built from within; A smile that’s all your own. From there came a digital/social/broadcast campaign, taking aim at reclaiming ownership of a woman’s smile from those who often take it from her, and returning it back to her.


The campaign was shot and produced for under $50k and includes Instagram & Facebook still and video assets, a SnapChat filter, a :60 and :30 broadcast piece, and additional 9:16 native vertical format content.