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Darigold // Let's Milk the Holidays


We partnered with Seattle’s DNA Advertising to help them develop a holiday campaign for their new client, Darigold.

Once the Northwest summer ends and the kids are back to school, it’s simply a countdown to the year’s most epic chapter: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the dynamic duo of Christmas and New Years.

The arrival of Fall is the trigger for 3-ish months of holiday merriment - The fun traditions, the quirky rituals, the ugly sweaters, the gravy boats, the earrings that blink...And the FOOD!  All that incredible food that we’re about to whisk, stir, carve - and most importantly - eat.

So let’s not just survive the holidays...Let’s Milk The Holidays!

Darigold - Holidays - Anthem :60

Darigold - Holidays - Thanksgiving - :30

Darigold - Holidays - Xmas - :30

With one big integrated production we created enough digital video and social content to keep people hyped from Halloween all the way till Christmas day. From animated GIF's to short form :06 pre-roll.