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Byte // Don't Tell Me To Smile More


Byte is a Health & Beauty startup based in Los Angeles, looking to transform the cosmetic dentistry category through their at-home invisible aligner system. But, faced with other larger competitors already entrenched in the same marketplace with exponentially larger budgets, Byte needed a way to differentiate themselves that went beyond their product offerings.

We examined the category and found that it was a virtual sea of sameness; hundreds of images of mostly women, smiling as widely and as disingenuously as possible into the camera, selling their smiles, not owning them.

We partnered with Byte to craft their strategic North Star, combining their hyper-personalized product offering with a belief system built from within; A smile that’s all your own. From there came a digital/social/broadcast campaign, taking aim at reclaiming ownership of a woman’s smile from those who often take it from her, and returning it back to her.


The campaign was shot and produced for under $50k and includes Instagram & Facebook still and video assets, a SnapChat filter, a :60 and :30 broadcast piece, and additional 9:16 native vertical format content.

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